honey flavored rice syrup artificial honey for vegan products

Honey flavor fructose-glucose syrup is a new edible syrup made by fructose and glucose which has honey taste and its nutrient elements.It contains abundant  fructose, glucose and honey, easy to be absorbed by human body which can work as quick fuel for exercise.

No honey content,but has natural honey flavor. Widely used in the vegan products.

We can mix as your requirements.

Raw Materialrice 
Colorcolorless, light yellow or brown
Formsticky liquid
Smell and Tasteodorless, taste sweet
Impuritiesno visible impurities


Appearance: No foreign objective   

Color: Dark Amber   

Mositure(%):18.5% max   

So2(mg/kg) <200   



Ash(%) <0.3


1. Honey

2. Beer and drinks

3. Sweetener

4. Bread, pastries

5. Candy